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Team spirit and morale is vital at sea in order to get the best from your crew. With TV-at-Sea™ from Sea Tel and SAILOR, it is easy to enhance life on board and do your part for crew welfare. Once you have decided to install satellite TV, you need a system that is up to the job; Our TV-at-Sea™ systems are made to be the toughest, highest quality available, because we know that a vessel’s television has to keep on working even in the toughest conditions.


Ku-Band TV-at-Sea delivers TV and HDTV on multiple receivers from the leading satellite providers so you can sit back and relax when on the water.

Cobham SATCOM’s Ku-Band TV-at-Sea features a number of innovations including multi-polarisation and a programmable LNB to guarantee high-quality global TV reception. It’s built to withstand the challenging conditions at sea and is fitted via a single cable installation – a unique feature in the maritime satellite TV market – for quicker, more cost-effective installation. These systems provide truly global TV reception – from Alaska to the Med and the North Sea, and don’t even require manual reconfiguration when moving between satellites.

Having dependable satellite TV can provide a real boost for crew and our Ku-Band TV-at-Sea ensures they get to watch their favourite sports teams and TV shows without the cost of going online.

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C and KU Band TV-At-Sea by Sea Tel Cobham

Cobham SATCOM’s powerful TV-at-Sea solutions offer global and regional, coverage and are compatible with all known and planned satellites, delivering seamless reception around the world.

Large vessels crossing deep oceans or workboats and yachts operating in coastal regions can enjoy reliable satellite television services practically anywhere with our TV-at-Sea solutions. Technical features include high-performance closed-loop stabilisation and satellite tracking, enabling continuous and reliable television reception even in the world’s most remote regions.

Powerful military and aerospace-tested integral electronics including high accuracy accelerometers and Bluetooth adaptors enable continuous calculation of position, orientation and velocity vector of a moving object without the need for external references – so you get great television, regardless of outside conditions.

Antennas are available in C-band, Ku-band or dual-band configuration, whilst some models offer global operation without the need to change hardware between broadcast regions.

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