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Best Service (Europe) Ltd is well known for its Sales, Service and Support to Marine Satellite TV antennas TVRO and Internet access VSAT systems

Best Service (Europe) Ltd are approved agents for SKY Offshore subscription cards for use Offshore and Marine vessels including Yachts.

Combining the two we believe that we can provide the best option for Satellite TV reception to all Marine and Offshore vessels.

For yachts BSKYB have made special arrangements to offer a Seasonal minimum 6 months contract, BSKYB offer a choice of 10 viewing options.

With added telephone and email support for your marine antenna system provided by Best Service (Europe) Ltd.

Further attendance support is also available if required.

Best Service (Europe) Ltd will act as your agent and make all the arrangements on your behalf with BSKYB, also as an extra, technical support on your marine antenna to ensure you receive quality reception.

For more information please contact us by completing the online form.

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